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Solar Panels in Sunset (XXL)

We are General Solar

Advocates for technological evolution and renewable energy

There are many different sources of energy that are used to generate electricity. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are most widely used and have the greatest environmental impact; causing air and water pollution, damage to wildlife and human health, and emissions that contribute to global warming. At General Solar, we believe that we can contribute to sustainability through solar power.

Solar energy is not only sustainable but efficient. It can be used by anyone with access to a sufficient amount of sunlight and they are very environmentally friendly. We want to help fight against global environmental issues using our revolutionary solar technology.

We are also victims of large energy corporations and the unavoidable price increase of electricity. With solar energy, you have the power to contribute to your own energy bills and make significant cost savings.


Qualified engineers, technicians, and executive team with years of experience in the solar industry.

General Solar has a diverse team of qualified workers who are determined to deliver quality service to you and your solar journey. We find it very important to provide you with the best, making your experience enjoyable and stress free. As General Solar grows, we will continue to take charge into a renewable 21st century energy infrastructure.

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We believe community outreach is a foundation and pillar to our ongoing success.

Through our solar journey, we have seen how much solar energy can impact our communities. General Solar’s purpose is to help others expand their solar infrastructure and reduce their carbon footprint while making great savings.

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