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Why Go Solar

By transitioning to solar energy, you can make tremendous savings. Immediately after solar panels are installed, you will begin to significantly reduce your monthly payments. Second, your home value could potentially increase by 4%. More importantly, solar power is beneficial to the environment. It generates clean energy from the unlimited resource of sunlight, reducing your carbon footprint.

Our technicians and engineers can provide you with several configurations that will fit perfectly with your home’s roof, grounds, and/or carports.

What System Works Best For you?

As the popularity in solar power rises, there are increasingly more financing options available to choose from. Learn about the benefits of a lease, load, and cash purchase here

Solar Panels in Sunset (XXL)

Flat Roof System

Solar panels on the tiled roof of the building in the sun. Top view through grape leaves. Image for illustration on energy, self-reliance, autonomy and security. Selective focus. Blur

Sloped Rood System

Photovoltaic panels of solar power station in the landscape at sunset. View from above.

Ground Mounted System


Solar Car Ports System


We work hard to supply the best PV solar systems around and are proud of our customer testimonials. Check out just a few of them here.

Sean Robinson

General Solar contractors were friendly, courteous, professional- top notch.

We added solar as part of a home renovation and these guys were seriously the nicest crew we worked with.

I would definitely recommend the General Solar team.

James Owen

General Solar did a great job. Never got a hard sell, and everything was done extremely professionally and it was super easy.

The end result was a very efficient and appealing design. I would not hesitate to use their services again.

Pete Anderson

General Solar gave us a detailed plan that met our needs. They were prompt, professional, efficient and very pleasant to work with.

All my questions were answered clearly and fully. I'd do it again with them in a heartbeat.


Solar Energy is the Future

General Solar is becoming one of the fastest growing solar companies in the nation. We are recognized for our commitment to quality, our exceptional customer service, and 25-year production guarantee

Once your home PV solar system is installed, it is expected to last you 25 years with little to no maintenance. With a 25-year production guarantee, we will make sure to monitor your system for 25 years since we guarantee its power input.

solar power station green electricity panel view

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